Who can register?

Don’t exclude yourself!  Any one can register to be a donor!

Senior citizens and kids can register.  People who have medical conditions can register.

Even those who have had a transplant can register!  (The transplanted organ and tissue cannot be re-transplanted, but others can.)

It may be surprising to learn that there are very few medical rule-outs for donation. Even those who have had cancer, hepatitis or who can’t be blood donors may still be able to donate organs, corneas and / or tissue.  And, some conditions that might make a person ineligible for organ donation are not rule-outs for cornea and tissue donation, which are equally important.

In all donor cases, qualified physicians and medical personnel evaluate the suitability of organs and tissues at the time of death.  There is no way to know if and when a person may become a donor and what options may exist at that time.  Conditions that may rule out donation today may not in the future.

By registering, you leave the precious, lifesaving option of donation open, helping to ensure that no medically-viable organ or tissue is ever lost for lack of consent.

Amazing Fact:  In 2015, Christine Coffee of Arlington, Texas, became the a liver donor at the age of 90.  And, she’s not even the oldest organ donor in Texas!  Find out more.