Event Essentials

Download and customize these resources and tools to help make your Unite4Life Registration Drive a success! 


The DLT Donor Registration Forms can be used at registration events at which people would not be able to register online.

After your drive event, please mail them to Donate Life Texas and be sure to include the name of your school so we can track how many your activities have generated.  If you are participating the in the U4L Awards Program, or just want to keep track, this will be an important step!

Mail registration forms to:
Donate Life Texas
8190 Manderville Ln
Dallas, TX 75231
*Don’t forget to include your campaign name and URL address so we can attribute these registrations to your campaign total. 

Promote your Registration Drive with these templates:

Want to order fun Donate Life swag to have at your registration events?

From green Donate Life wrist bands to pens, water bottles, fanny packs and more, you can order all sorts of Donate Life items in bulk through this website:

Donation Promotions


Use these graphics for social medial posts:

Facebook Twitter Instagram
Facebook U4L Twitter Graphic U4L IG Graphic


Share these Unite4Life banners with others so they can overlay photos and add captions before posting to social media

Facebook Banner Overlay
(840 x 200 px)
Twitter Banner Overlay
(1024 x 100 px)
Instagram Banner Overlay
(1080 x 300 px)
840x200-Facebook 1024x100-Twitter 1080-x-300-Instagram


Request a proclamation from your City Council


These are samples and templates to give you a place to start, but are certainly not the only tools you can use.  We also encourage you to be creative with your own ideas!


Got something really out-of-the-box?  We’re here for you, if you’d feel better running it by us first!